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The founder of ZA came from Sweden and many doubted the possibilities of starting Floorball in Southeast Asia. As of today, floorball popularity has reached such levels that it was a full medal sport in South East Asia biggest sporting event; the SEA games 2015 in front of totally full arenas with an incredible atmosphere!

ZA started because her founder realised that there was a need for niche sportswear. Floorball is a game which is played by 50% female and 50% male. Yet, it was impossible for the ZA founder to find uniforms for the Singapore team for the World Cup 2005 in Singapore Indoor stadium in ladies Asian cutting. Therefore ZA founder made sure that all designs of Z have both male and female cutting, in BOTH Asian and European sizing. 
Let's include all sizes of people from everywhere, regardless of size or gender to play and feel comfortable in ZA. Look good, feel good, play well!

In addition, ZA strongly supports the need to be environmentally friendly. Hence, ZA’s jersey is designed with fabrics of the highest quality, and with the most planet-friendly ways whenever possible. 


The Versatilis is a light fabric with QDRY-COOL sweat wicking performance.

It has a very soft feel and its versatility means it is terrific for all different types of sportswear.


The Hikari fabric has strength from being woven, despite still being very light

with a 4-way stretch and superb QDRY-COOL sweat wicking performance.

It has a top mark of breathability as well as tearing point. Hikari is terrific to use in all fitness design but also as casual wear.

It is Z-1planet certified and recycled from used PET bottles.


Similar to Hikari, the Tractus fabric is woven with no bulk performance and excellent breathability. Tracts have tremendous stretch ability. This means it can be used in tapered/close-fitting designs and support the athlete for the ultimate performance.

It has a rating of H20-30, which means it is excellent for all kinds of activities - whether in rugged weather or terrain.

It is Z-1planet certified and recycled from used PET bottles.


The Chikara fabric has a water-resistant rating of H20-45.

It is an outstanding fabric for jackets and tracksuits because it is light yet has a very high tearing point.

This fabric is suitable even for places with hot/rainy/windy climates due to its breathability.

It is Z-1planet certified and recycled from used PET bottles.


The Armis fabric is a compression/second skin fabric. It has a close-body support system and is specially designed for the upper body as well as undergarments.

It is a lighter compression fabric that is especially suitable for warmer climate sport performance.

It has top-level QDRY-COOL and breathability for ultimate performance.

It is made of polyester and spandex.


The Sofuto fabric is developed for the special need of track suits or jackets on the way to the court, at the bench or for a team street jacket. It has great breathability but still keeps you warm on a cool breezy night.