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Superiore is a 4-way stretch fabric that gives incredible support and cooling effect due to its breathability. It has terrific sweat wicking effect that gives the body a cooling feeling. It has specially developed spandex treads that provides splendid coverage in every design. Superiore is Z Athletica's principal go-to yoga and fitness-tights fabric.


Fortis is the old Roman Latin word for strength. This is the best word we could find to describe our splendid top fabric with its strength, breathability and stretchability - providing maximal support for optimal performance. Its superior resistance to water makes all Fortis products a key option for all kinds of weather.


Suave is a 4-way stretch fabric that is lightweight. With a soft light-hand feel on the inside, it is guaranteed a high performance fabric. It has tremendous sweat-wicking and cooling effect. Suave is a state of art fabric for performance designs. Due to its soft and cooling cotton feels, it is also great for relaxed and chill designs for off-training.


As the meaning of Hataraki, the fabric is splendid for movements with its 4-way stretch. It is a very light-weight fabric with natural breathability which gives a cool and airy feel. First class for sweat-wicking, it is our state of the art fabric for great movement and performance.

Haut Light

Haut Light is our supreme 4-way stretch jersey fabric. It is specially designed to be light-weight, airy and cooling - suitable for all kinds of fitness levels. It has splendid sweat wicking effect for all kinds of performance, fitness and movement. With its terrific soft-touch feel, Haut Light is also great to just relax in off-training.


With it's tremendous stretch and durability, this woven fabric is a fabulous performance fabric for all types of sport/exercise. It is very light-weight yet has a splendid anti-tearing capability. It has a 4-way stretch, which makes the fabric follow the body's curves. This ensures unrestricted movements.


A very light-weight and soft-knitted fabric with unique Z QDry-Cool sweat-wicking performance - perfect for all types of sportswear and sports!


Light-weight and remarkably durable woven fabric, Hikari got superb QDRY-COOL sweat-wicking technology. With top marks in breathability and anti-tearing, it is terrific for both fitness and casual wear!


Similar to Hikari, the Tractus fabric is woven with no bulk performance and excellent breathability. Tracts have tremendous stretch ability. This means it can be used in tapered/close-fitting designs and support the athlete for the ultimate performance.

It has a rating of H20-30, which means it is excellent for all kinds of activities - whether in rugged weather or terrain.

It is Z-1planet certified and recycled from used PET bottles.


Windproof, top-notch breathability, light-weight AND has a water-resistant! Storm is also a lightweight fabric with all this functionality. The Storm fabric makes sure that the athletes remain cool even in the hottest of climate.


The Armis fabric is a compression/second skin fabric. It has a close-body support system and is specially designed for the upper body as well as undergarments.

It is a lighter compression fabric that is especially suitable for warmer climate sport performance.

It has top-level QDRY-COOL and breathability for ultimate performance.

It is made of polyester and spandex.


The Sofuto fabric is developed for the special need of track suits or jackets on the way to the court, at the bench or for a team street jacket. It has great breathability but still keeps you warm on a cool breezy night.

Two-Way Stretch

This fabric stretches in one direction, from one side to another. The direction of the stretch depends on the activity the attire is designed for, allowing specific unrestricted movements of the athlete.

Four-Way Stretch

Compared to the Two-Way Stretch fabric, this fabric stretches in two directions, both across and length-wise. It allows design attires to have complete unrestricted movements for the athlete for enhanced performance in all forms of activities.