One Planet, Dude

When a design is qualified as Planet-friendly, it can carry the One Planet, Dude label. This means production and manufacturing have passed the rigid Z-ECO standards of being Planet-friendly.

Quick-Dry-Cool (QD-Cool)

This is Z's unique moisture management. The main objective is to wick perspiration from the skin to the outside of the fabric for rapid evaporation. This in turn optimizes performance by minimizing overheating and energy loss. The key point to reach this objective is to spread out the perspiration as a big part of the fabric as fast as possible and thus, wick it away from the body and to the outside of the fabric.

Breathability (B)

This is how good the breathability of the fabric is. It means that the fabric "breathes" the air and draws the air to the body through the fabric. This stops the body from heating up, which may lead to unnecessary perspiration due to over-heating and energy loss.

Tearing Point (TP)

The tearing point is when the fabric tears due to the pressure of pulling the fabric. When the fabric has a TP grading, it has passed the Z-Athletica rigid tear-pulling point to be qualified as a Z-Athletica sport-performance fabric.

Close Body Support System (CBS)

Close Body Support System is developed by Z-Athletica for the ultimate sports experience. It builds on two key components, Quick-Dry-Cool system and the compression system.

The Quick-Dry-Cool (QD-Cool) is a unique Z moisture management system. This means that athletes using CBS has the ultimate quick-dry solution and can stay dry longer and perform at their ultimate best. The next key component is the compression system. When players uses the CBS system, which has a compression to the body in different levels, they can perform at a higher level longer, avoiding typical fatigue injuries.

H20-R (Water Resistance)

H20-R means the product and fabric meet the very stringent Z test level to qualify as water resistant.

Each product's individual timeline can change depending on its usage and degree of wear and tear. It also depends on where and what kind of weather it is used in. The testing for Z is in rainy conditions while performing athletic activities in two different parts of the world - the archipelago of Stockholm and sunny Singapore. These two places have very different climates and weather situations.

Remember to follow the washing-and-use instructions to keep the best possible H2O level!