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Fortis Casuals M



The Forte Casual are finally pants that works in a semi formal setting, with its rolled down cuff. If you choose to roll them up, it styles to a cool look. The Forte, means strong in Latin, is the superb fabric used in our Forte series of products. The amazing fabric gives us new ways to bring incredible prestanda to designs both for ultimate fitness to styles looks. The Forte Casual can still be used for the most formidable fitness or outdoor demands.

It comes with 2 front pockets that are open and one phone pocket inside one of the pockets. To make sure the phone stays put when sitting down or even running. It has a zippered back pocket.


It has the same feeling as tights, without the tight-exposing look. 

It is water resistant by Z stringent measures, but when you use it you could think it is water proof. It is a soft feeling to the skin but scores the highest on Z tear test. 

Due to the amazing stretch and ruggedness of the fabric it really can be used for all types of activities, both sport or outdoor life. 

It is has the full One planet , dude label and is recycled from 12 PET bottles.




  • Water resistant
  • Superb stretch
  • Splendid breathability
  • Terrific Anti-tear level
  • 90% Recycled polyester, 10% spandex



  • Length: Full legs
  • Fit: Slim fit, tapered
  • Waist: Regular waist